Body Contouring


Sona MedSpa’s unique Body Contouring system gives results you can feel, beginning with your first visit. Breakthrough technology allows visible results with non-invasive, virtually pain-free technology.

The Accent XL is a new, FDA approved device that uses dual layer thermatherapy technology. Dual layer thermatherapy uses two radio frequency modes, bipolar and unipolar.

The bipolar mode stimulates local heating in the outer layers of the skin to create tightness in delicate areas.

The unipolar mode results in deep dermal and subdermal heating in the parts of your body that need deeper stimulation.

Connective tissue contracts and collagen fibers both contract and multiply as they receive this stimulation. The resulting tightening and recontouring actually reduces cellulite, wrinkles, and sagging, giving you firmer, smaller contours.

At the same time, collagen production is increased and circulation improves. Excess fluids are drained, and you can experience measurable results with as few as five visits.

The Accent XL is FDA approved for skin tightening and for the reduction of cellulite. It’s safe for the delicate skin of your face, and powerful enough to reduce the circumference of body parts.

You’ll feel the difference with your first visit, and most people see changes after a five visit treatment package. We offer a complimentary treatment after your fifth visit, and you may choose to add follow up visits after three months to maintain and extend the benefits.

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