Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an FDA approved method of permanent hair growth reduction.

In the hands of Sona MedSpa’s highly trained and medically supervised clinicians, laser hair removal safely uses modern laser technology to stop hair production in the hair follicle.


Waxing, shaving, and electrolysis are all temporary measures, but laser hair removal not only removes hair immediately, but reduces the number of hairs that grow back after each visit.


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For most people, five treatments will produce optimum results. There are individual variations, and your Sona MedSpa clinician will assist you in determining the ideal treatment plan for your skin and your goals.

Since laser hair removal uses light, it is essential in planning your treatments to understand the way your skin reacts to light. Sona MedSpa uses two methods to determine skin types:

1) the Fitzpatrick scale, which considers the sensitivity of the skin based on your experience

2) Chromo testing, which directly tests the melanin in your skin

By using both measures, your Sona MedSpa clinician will be able to provide treatments that are both safe and effective for you.

Laser Hair Removal for virtually all parts of the body:

*legs* *underarms* *bikini area* *facial hair* *back* *neck* *arms* *stomach* *chest* *body hair*


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